My Hobbies #1: GAMING!

This post is dedicated to CreativeRhino (one of my wonderful followers)

I have already posted one post about games but now I want to make a list of all RPG games I own/love. I have quite a few so I might make a few post of these on differnt systems but I hope this makes it easier to read. I said a while back I’d like to make post about me and my hobbies and this is one of them

System: DS/3DS

❤ Pokemon series ❤

I have quite a few games in this series. I LOVE pokemon. I know I’m a kid at heart what else can I say. For the longest Gold and Crystal where my favorite games in the series, then X/Y came out. I have Y btw. This game Is addictive and easy (maybe too easy) and with it being on the 3DS those graphics are mesmorizing. If you have ever loved a pokemone game give X and Y a try.

Pokemon with a twist: Pokemon Mystery dungeon explores of darkness/sky for DS

Did I mention I have a lot of pokemon games? Now this game is more of a dungeon crawler to me, but there IS a storyline and it’s not bad for a pokemon game. It’s also fun to be a pokemon! What kid DIDN’T want that growing up. I have both explorers of darkness and sky but I have only finished explorers of darkness and let me tell you IT WAS FUN(and LONG)! And the pokemon have REAL personalities that aren’t so cheesy you want to puke. You can find pokemon (like loudred) REALISTICLY annoying and wigglytuff ABSOULUTELY halarious. It’s charming in a good way.

Devil Survivor for DS

This game is like fire emblem and it’s AMAZING. Think persona 4, you have specific days and have only a certian amount of time to do things. But also think Fire Emblem with strategy and careful placement of units. Everything you do has consequences or rewards, the storyline is a bit confusing with a scary atmosphere but I think shin megami tensei does those type of stories best. I love this game but on the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being you need God to bless your game before you head off into a boss fight, and 1 being a blind child could play, this game is a 9. According to a walkthrough I looked up I got about halfway in the game before I got to a battle I JUST COULDN’T BEAT. But I still would reccomend this game to anyone looking for a good storyline with a real challenge. I will admit I’m not the BEST gamer in the world. What’s hard to me might be a cakewalk to others. This was my fav. game on my ds untill….

Winner for my heart: Radiant Historia for DS

Atlus. I think this speaks for itself. When you look up the definition of RPG you see a picture of this game beside it. This is part of the games I have yet to complete BUT I did get all the way to the last boss ( I assume from what I read in a walkthrough help guide) , and I will say IT’S HARD to win that final battle. This game is unique and is worth it for ALL to look into. From the battle system to the story line, this game is deserving of a reward.

Let me know if you’ve played any of these games. Do you love it as much as I do? Maybe you hated it. Let me know your take on it! Let’s share our love for RPG games!

(Sorry this took SO long to get out, This took a while to write up and in the end it was just a LOT for me to edit (It takes me forever and a year to edit, because I AM A HORRIBLE draft writer. Spelling ‘the’ as ‘t’ and typing ‘goever’ instead of ‘however’. By the time I’m done speed typing I can’t even read what I just typed and have no clue what I was trying to say x.x hard to believe I got through SOME college). You’d think there was very little in the way of good story’s told on the DS but I’m sure there’s WAY MORE than the few I mentioned here. However these are the ones I HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH and OWN.

Disclaimer: Opinions are opinions and It’s ok if you hate what I love, cus more than likely I still love what you love too =P. Now if you all will excuse me, I have a fire emblem game to finish =P

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Lip Balm Low-Down

Lip Balm Low-Down

It’s winter season now and everyone is trying their best to keep their lips moisturized to avoid
the pain of cracked lips. I’ve read a few post giving suggestions on products to use to keep your lips moisturized but none of them had as many options as this post so I thought I’d reblog it 😀 I personally use burts bee’s and it has been the best thing I have ever tried (however the number of reviews I’ve seen on lip oil’s has me thinking of trying that next). If you have tried carmex or blistex and it just wasn’t working for you (like it wasn’t for me) here’s a few other options to try! Awesome post (once again!) Sunshine and Teacups =)

sunshine and teacups

Hey guys, this week I thought I would talk to you about my favourite lip balms. The weather here in England is horribly cold and rainy, so it’s time to start taking more care of our lips as they can get very dry this time of year! In the summer I love to wear bold colours, but as the weather turns I start to use more tinted balms and more neutral shades which work well with slightly darker eye makeup looks. Oh I do love a smokey eye in winter! Anyway here are my picks for perfect lips…

My first pick is my favourite of them all and it’s the NUXEreve de miel ultra-nourishing balm. This is an absolute dream to use and keeps your lips luscious all day long. I swear I still have soft lips the next day!

Next up is the Burt’s Bees beeswax lip…

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My Holy Grails ~ SO FAR!

So I was reading through My Reader one day and I came across a new Blogger named fairestliza who was asking for people’s holy grails so she could try them. I thought at the time WELL OF COURSE I have one holy grail and its the best!!!But as I started to type I realized I was like “OH THIS and THIS and THIS….WOW….” I’m taking up an entire page worth of holy grails…so I decided to place this in a post instead. HOLY GRAILS! now of course all of this is subject to change, There is so much to try out there for me and even though my love for makeup started years ago I am still only a beginner in this world of makeup. So without further ado MY LIST!

Foundation: Revlon 24hr colorstay. I don’t think I need to sing how great this stuff is. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this stuff has been acclaimed to be the best drugstore foundation one can get only in competition with Loreal color match, this stuff is claimed to be a dupe for mac pro longwear. Need I say more?

Eyeshadow brand: While I love most eyeshadows nothing feels like butter like Urban Decay does. This stuff feels and looks amazing BUT for a price tag like that It is NOT something I purchase. But I have worked with it once before (friends naked pallet) and man did that ONE time leave an impression.

Brushes: I know this is not what EVERYONE expects but I got some HUGE love for elf studio brushes. These things are dense and strong and apply foundation and eyeshadows like a dream. So soft, so amazing. While I do love my BH cosmetic brushes, they are NATURAL hair so foiled eyeshodows and cream/liquid foundations are a huge no-no if I want them to stay alive.So synthetic hair wins! Elf STUDIO (emphasis on STUDIO) has definitely won my heart.

Primer: L’Oreal magic perfecting base. This stuff is so good I have a backup of it! Its thick and in a jar, yea I know very bad, BUT it really is MAGIC. Covers pores? YES. Covers and corrects redness? YES. Makes makeup glide on like you don’t have any dry spots even if you do? YES. Protects face from foundation helping to prevent breakouts? YES YESYESYES. This stuff is the BOMB! and I love it. I hate how thick it is. It can be a trail to apply and the jar screams germs BUT those results *.* can’t deny!

Eyeliner: Wet n’ wild gel eyeliner. Blackest stuff you’ll ever lay eyes on. Creamy and wonderful product packaged with an ineffective brush BUT it works, gets the job done (until the bristles mess up -.-)This stuff has been claimed to be a dupe for mac fluidline. It’s in a cheap plastic container that screams “imma dry out soon, use me hurry!” I think that’s my biggest hate with this one ‘cus when it dries up its DEAD. My Maybelline has been drying out on me for weeks now. I jus’ dip my brush in some brush cleaner or water and work the product out until I can apply to my liking. and let me say I have had the Maybelline for MONTHS….upon MONTHS…. Nevertheless Wet N’ Wild is my favorite.

Lipstick: I’m sure if I said wet n wild everyone would see that coming so imma say something else that is also AMAZING. Covergirl! This lipstick is the energizer bunny that keeps on going. If you eat, the stain of the lippie is STILL there. AWESOME stuff..for those of us who are jus too lazy to re-apply lippies to look like we just stepped out the door.

UPDATE: This list was made months ago, it simply needed editing. I am posting this for the record, however I do have a few new holy grails that I will make a post on soon.

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Sunday with family Look <3

I wish I used a better camera to take this picture, The eyeshadow is actually REALLY sparkly…but you can’t tell. I hate front facing cameras on phones, It’s just horrible quality :\imageEYES

Crease and Outer V: Colourpop eyeshadow in Shameless Inner Corner and Middle Lid: Colourpop eyeshadow in Coconut Lid(transition color): Colourpop eyeshadow in Moonshine

Bottom Eyeliner: NYX Slide On eye pencil in Jet Black (SL07), Top Liner and Water lines: L’Oreal Gel Lacquer Liner in Blakest Black

Mascara: Maybelline lash sensational and JK mascara in stage black


Blush: Revlon Powder Blush In Melon-Drama(007)

Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer

Foundation: Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid foundation in shade 7.0 Finishing Powder: Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder in Translucent


Primer: Carmex LipStick: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Bad Habit


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Long-Lasting Lips

Long-Lasting Lips

I LOVE this post so much. I’ve grown a true appreciation for lipstick colors that LAST all day. Heres a great post to help anyone looking for suggestions to try. I personally have been loving colourpop’s Ultra matte lip creme’s, covergirls lip perfection lipsticks, And Rimmel’s Matte Lipsticks (red packageing). I can’t wait to go out and get my hands-on some of these suggestion!!!

sunshine and teacups

Hello everybody! As it’s now December, we all find there’s more parties and excuses to dress up and celebrate in the run up to Christmas. I was thinking of what blog posts to do and I thought it might be helpful to show you my favourite long-lasting lip products for the Christmas season. After all, it’s really not great when you get lipstick marks on every single glass you drink out of! I’ve been there plenty of times!


I have this Topshop matte lip bullet in the shade get me bodied. These have a great formulation that glides on easily but then doesn’t seem to budge. I was very impressed with this when I bought it and it’s such a typical wintery shade. Topshop makeup is very affordable, and is comparable to the prices at the drugstore so this is definitely a great option if you want something bold…

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BH Cosmetics WIld at Heart Pallete Review!!!


Ah, feels good to finally write a review, I’m one of those girls that love to stick to what works so It’s hard to get around to trying new products sometimes. Finally I am ready to give this baby a full review. As always when I received this package it came in AMAZING packaging. The attention to detail is real. Brown paper wrapped in bubble wraps to the point that if you shook the box NOTHING moved. which is GOOD because that leaves ALMOST 100% chance of no broken shadows. As expected, none of the shadows were broken in transit. This palette was actually a free gift with a 20…25?…20…25 dollar purchase (should of kept the receipt.) WITH free shipping. This sale was like a late birthday present and I was more than happy to jump in and start my digital shopping. Everything was wrapped separately, for my lip color palette (and a 120 palette I got a while back) there was a box that housed the product itself, but for this palette it was wrapped in TIGHT clear plastic wrap.

I know baked eyeshadow has been all the rave lately to the point where it’s old news BUT this was the first baked eye shadow I have EVER used in my life. I don’t know why I thought this fact was no big deal when I ordered my galaxy chic palette. This baked eyeshadow thing leaves something to be desired for someone who likes bold eyeshadow looks like me. I want vibrant STONG colors. Imagine my surprise when I swathed it and saw THIS



Not what I wanted to see, so LIGHT so SUTULE. I layered it a few times and it was better but I noticed it was very… light. The good thing about this is that it makes it easy to blend. I think these shadows are PERFECT for subtle looks and blending is a dream. However, if your like me you need some more BOLD colors in your life its time to whip out a spray bottle. I tried water a few times and just was not pleased with the results. Then I thought “hmm, I have saline solution let me try that”. WIN. I’m sure mac fix plus might have made me even happier BUT  I don’t have that =\. For those of you who dont know saline solution is a CHEAP eyedorp usually used to sterlize contacts. I bought some not too long ago to wash out my cats eyes IN CASE some medication he was on got in his eyes (it was for ring worms, not cool) I only needed it a few times and after that I just had 2 big bottles of it to do nothing with. I’m glad I tried it cus boy are the colors more vibrant with them. I’ve heard eye drops with glycerin work best.


eye drops applied first all over arm THEN swatched


I personally would stick to regular eye shadows but baked is the way to go for something easily bendable. That’s it, until next time stay safe and beautiful (inside and out) =) and thanks for reading.

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Christmas time is here !!!

Hello beautiful, schools finally over!  Time to do long overdue reviews and a bit of this and that in between 😉 I’m flying out to see my family but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to write (more than what I had in school with two jobs lol). I’m still waiting on my grades for the semester but I’m hoping I scraped an A out of the course. How have all of you been? I’ve missed being part of this community so much. Do you guys have any special plans for Christmas? Anyone celebrating Hanukkah? So many things to celebrate all in one month! Time for me to enjoy being surrounded by my family. Be safe everyone!

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Findation – The Perfect Way To Find Your Shade

Great post! I myself wanted to do a Post about findation but this is way better than what I had planned. Instructions and screenshots! The only thing I have to add is sephora does shade matches, so if you are completely at a loss of what you should be their skin IQ machine is the way to go. Don’t worry, matching is free. Simply match your skin in sephora then take your results to findation and find your drugstore match 😃

Makeup, Hair & Everything In Between

It is such a hassle to find a foundation shade that fits you perfectly. I always struggle with this since there are a variety of different shades. I recently found that gives you a variety of different brands with your perfect shade.
You are probably wondering how can this be and I was thinking the exact same thing. I was amazed how accurate this site matches me to my perfect shade. It is very simple to do.
1.Type in Findationonyour mobile browser or home computer.

2. Press Get Started.

3. Type in foundations that currently match your skin. The more matches you type in the better your search will be.

4. Press Get Matches and a bunch of different brands will show up with your perfect match.

It is extremely helpful especially if you go to the drugstore where you always have to eyeball the colours. You can…

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Drugstore dupes – Setting powders!

I love dupes, they are perfect for saving money without sacrificing quality. I can personally attest to coty loose powder. The stuff is amazing! Great post!

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Updates!!! Question:What’s your favorite social media?

Hello everyone! First I want to say hello to all my new subscribers, I want everyone to know I still love blogging and will get back to it avidly when I have a vacation (please Christmas don’t be late). School has been taking all my blogging time however I hope everyone has had a chance to see me on their blogs, commenting and liking post. I try to keep up with everyone’s post the best I can, I do check word press frequently (at least once a week…I know so bad! Used to be everyday!) I have been seriously considering making a social media specifically for this blog so I can talk one on one (or in a group) with everyone. There is nothing more important than making all the wonderful positive friendships I can here. You guys lift me up so much and I want to make that positivity a community thing, so that everyone can have an uplifting comment to make their day. One comment can really make someone feel great all day, so I want to make a social media that everyone can talk to me and each other or ask questions (maybe you need to know what mascara you should buy ;D).

So I have a question, what social media would you guys like me to use. I want the ability for no one to be overlooked, that’s very important to me. I kind of lean away from Instagram or Facebook because I feel like you open up to a large feed and you just scroll through all WAY to many post from everything to “my baby can walk!” or “look at my 200 pics of yummi MC Donnalds food”. I’ve been seriously considering snapchat or pintrest however both are social medias I have NO EXPERIENCE WITH. So I don’t know how functional It might be. I know sites like Facebook have instant message which would be GREAT to talk one on one with you guys or even video talk which Facebook also has…..but Facebook and Instagram is all I have experience with….so It’s hard for me to make a good decision on this. Help? I’m open to any sites even if I’ve never heard of it. If you use it and would like me to use it here please suggest it.

Miss you all ❤ hope you all are remembering to enjoy all the little moments =)

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